A Proud Heritage

Merex was founded in 1993 by brothers Jerry and Mark Nickerson. The company name is derived from “mer” being the French word for sea, and “ex” for export, reflecting the Company’s outward orientation since its inception.

Merex is one of the most progressive companies in our sector. But we as owners also have a lot of family heritage in the seafood business. Although born in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, we trace our family history back to two of the most famous fishing areas of our Province – Cape Sable Island and Lunenburg.

For many generations our ancestors have made their living from the sea and our family has been active as vessel owners, processors and seafood merchants. Our great-grandfather, Harry B. Nickerson, moved north in 1935 to North Sydney, founding H.B. Nickerson & Sons Ltd. together with other family members. Over the next 50 years the company grew substantially under the leadership of our grandfather, Jeremiah B. Nickerson and later our father, Jerry E. A. Nickerson.

We also have roots in the historic Lunenburg area of Nova Scotia. Founded in 1753 and settled mainly by people of German ancestry, Lunenburg is one of the oldest fishing centers in Nova Scotia and has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Our maternal grandfather, W. R. Ritcey, operated Ritcey Bros. of Riverport, Nova Scotia from 1945 to the mid-1960’s, with its main business being the production of salted fish from a fleet of fishing schooners and longlining vessels. Ritcey Bros. exported its products primarily to Caribbean markets.

Although many things have changed in our industry over the past 75 years, we do our best to carry on the tradition of providing quality seafood products to our customers.